A must-have: The Shower Column

Convenient to install, trendy and accessible, the shower column is simply perfect for a quick and easy shower revamp.

What’s exactly a shower column ?

Basically, the shower column is a Kit that includes different plumbing elements, which means that you only need one product to modify your shower, rather than several separate components. In addition, the shower column allows you to enhance your shower experience by including special features. For example, the models we offer at Bélanger allow you to have a rain shower head effect, in addition you’ll be able to take advantage of pivoting body jets. All of these options allow you to create an accessible spa like experience directly in your bathroom.

Easy installation

To install a shower column, you must first determine the height. To do this, make sure that all the members of your family can use it, for example by being careful that the body jets do not arrive directly in their face…

To connect a retrofit type shower column, simply connect to your water outlet behind your column using a 90 degree elbow going down. After this, all you have to do is hang your column on the wall and connect the hose to your outlet. Obviously, each shower column has its particularities and we invite you to follow the instructions provided with each product.

We currently offer two Shower Column models:

The QUA001CP, which is available in retail:

A retrofit shower column with 2 swivel body jets, for a 3-way diverter valve installation.

The SQ180TCP, only available with our wholesaler distributors:

A complete shower column model, with 4 swivel body jets, a 3-way thermostatic diverter valve and volume control.

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