Insta-Plumb™: Faster and Easier installation

Keeney is excited to announce is newest innovation in under sink plumbing, Insta-Plumb™. Without the use solvents, glues, or nuts and washer, Insta-Plumb™ provides an instant, simple push fit application for traps, drains and couplings.


  • Faster and easier install than conventional slip nuts and washers or glue
  • Great for hard to reach or confined areas under a sink
  • Featuring a stainless steel grip ring that holds the connection tight and O-ring that provides a leak free seal, you can install with confidence
  • Connections can easily be removed and/or adjusted using the release tool
  • Can be repositioned or rotated for alignment
  • Fittings can be reused
  • No tools required for installation


Still not convinced? Watch this video to understand the time savings you will make with Insta-Plumb™ technology.

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